Interview Tips

Making a good impression on the interviewer during the interview will greatly improve your chances of getting the job. Here are some interview tips and I think if you keep these pointers in mind, it will help you impress the interviewer and make sure you get the job you are looking for.


    Dress well, at least business casual, and exhibit a clean appearance that portrays you as organized and ready for action as possible.


    If you are not from North America, it is not a bad idea to even Americanize your accent.


    The interviewer is listening to make sure the students will understand you when you are speaking. Force yourself to slow down

    Even if it seems like the interviewer doesn't understand exactly what you are saying. Avoid yes/no answers..


Self-introduction can take between two to five minutes. The first thing the interviewer will want to know is who you are. In this part, you can introduce your name, nationality and your educational background, and share your motivation for coming to China.

Next, the schools always prefer to hire teachers to have teaching experience, share your teaching experience regarding were you taught, the students' age group you taught, what challenges you face and how do you overcome it, and why you want to be a teacher. If you are graduates or do not have any teaching experience before, you can share your interests like play musical instruments, drama, sports which may excite the school and leave a deep impression.

During the interview, the interviewer may ask some questions to see if you have own personal thoughts and opinions on teaching topic. Here are some questions that schools may ask, What do you think about the Chinese education system? It is usually a large class size in China, do you have any ideas to get as many students to involve in the class as possible? There are some students may shy to speak English, how will you do? How do you believe a student's day should be structured? How should they be managed? How do you prevent bullying? Etc.

In the last part, Ask some questions that you want to ask but can show your interest in teaching and leave a good impression. Try not to bombard the interviewer with questions, as you may seem picky, or just intimidating if the interviewers' level of English is not too high. You can use the following questions as a reference,

1: Is there a textbook? Is there a set curriculum?

2: What administrative/other tasks are required outside of teaching hours?

3: What is the average class size?

4: Do your teachers participate in extra-curricular activities?

5: What types of resources and teaching aids are available?

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