A good education is the cornerstone of a child's life. With the development of China’s economy and the opening of the second child policy, Chinese parents are paying more and more attention to preschool education. More parents are willing to send their children to kindergartens now compared with the past. Therefore kindergartens face a shortage of preschool teachers, especially English teachers. There are public kindergartens and private kindergartens. At present, many kindergartens are private kindergartens, and many private kindergartens are equipped with English teachers. In some first and second-tier cities, parents with good family conditions are more willing to send their children to private kindergartens. Because they firmly believe that a good education should include and foreign language studies, and English is their first choice for learning a second language. In good private kindergartens in China, their tuition fees are around 80,000 RMB / year (US $ 11,000-28,000). Each class in private kindergartens with be equipped with ESL teachers. This also provides a lot of opportunities for ESL teachers.


    Working schedule in kindergartens is the same as working at a public school. In the morning you need to work from 8 am-11:30 am, and you will have a 1-2 hours lunch break. In the afternoon, you need to work from 2: 30pm-5 pm. If you want a normal schedule, It is a good choice to work in kindergarten. For public kindergartens, a foreign teacher usually teaches several classes, and the duration of each class is 25 minutes. For private kindergartens, foreign teachers generally only teach one class and spend time with kids. In addition to teaching, foreign teachers will also cooperate with Chinese teachers to organize games and provide guidance on life skills.


    Class Size:

    There are usually around 20-30 kids in a class, and there are 2-3 Chinese teachers and a bilingual teacher. They will cooperate with you to teach and manage the class. Therefore, although there are many children, you do not need to worry that you will not be able to control the class. With the help of Chinese teachers, you will quickly adapt to the kindergarten teaching environment.


    Kindergarten courses are generally divided into 3 stages

    K1: 3-4 years old kids

    K2: 4-5 years old kids

    K3: 5-6 years old kids

    Generally, kindergarten will provide a curriculum for teachers to prepare lessons. Many kindergartens in China have introduced advanced western education methods. For example, many international kindergartens in Shenzhen use Montessori, Waldorf, and IB teaching methods. It will be much easier for teachers who are familiar with these preschool teaching methods to get a job in kindergartens, and it is easy to be a researcher if you want to switch. Further, in many kindergartens, they have a good teaching environment, equipped with interactive whiteboards and various teaching materials, toys and games.


    Generally, kindergarten will provide a curriculum for teachers to prepare lessons. Many kindergartens in China have introduced advanced western education methods. Take Shenzhen as an example. For example, many international kindergartens in Shenzhen use Montessori, Waldorf, IB teaching methods, etc. Therefore, if it is an ESL teacher who is familiar with these preschool teaching methods, there will be more promotion opportunities in the kindergarten for them, and it is easy to change from a teacher to a researcher.



    • Great salary: 15000 RMB-23000RMB(Approx $2170-$3330) per month

    • Accommodation provided or housing allowance

    • Flight allowance

    • Health insurance

    • national Chinese public holidays plus paid winter and summer holiday

    • Legal ‘Z’ work visa and residence permits provided

    • Mandarin Chinese lessons

    • Airport pickup 

    • Promotion opportunities


    • Native English speaker 

    • Bachelor’s degree in any subject

    • TEFL certificate or 2 years of teaching experience

    • Between 20 and 60 years old

    • Clean background check

    • Be able to submit a health report


    --- Regular schedule

    --- Take teaching in Shenzhen as an example. Compared with ordinary schools, the salary of kindergartens is much higher. Of course, the salaries of international schools will be higher than the kindergarten’s, but the requirements of teachers in international schools are also relatively higher. Usually, international schools only recruit teachers of related majors, while kindergartens have fewer requirements. You don't need to have relevant professional knowledge or work experience to work in kindergartens. You will feel more relaxed and happy working in kindergarten, but the premise is that you love the children and you are willing to play with children.

    - You could be promoted easily. For example, after having some teaching experience, you will have the opportunity to be promoted to a position of foreign principal, teaching and research teacher.

    - You will have weekends and winter and summer vacations. You have more time to explore China and Asia

    - You will have 3 free meals a day.  If you don't want to cook for yourself, you can choose to eat there. In some international kindergartens, they prepare Western meals for foreign teachers. and the diet in kindergarten is also the healthiest and cleanest.

    - If you want to make more money, you can do part-time jobs at some training centers in your spare time.


    The kindergarten provides three meals every day, and breakfast will start before 8 am. At 8 am, teachers will be waiting at the gate for kids. Starting at 8:30 am, kids will do some morning exercises with music and games on the playground. Some teachers will also do the exercise with kids, but it's depending on the school's teaching arrangements. About thirty minutes later, kids will have breakfast in the classroom, and you will need to take care of kids with the Chinese teacher in the class.

    Teaching time will start at 9 am and end at 11 am in the morning. The content of the class is mainly developed in the form of phonics, reading, storytelling, dancing, singing, and games. It is important for children to learn and also have fun learning. At 11:30 am, kids will take a nap after lunch. Teachers could have a lunch break. The kindergarten provides lunch. But you can also bring lunch by yourself if you do not like Chinese food. After the lunch break, you will have one hour to prepare for teaching plans or teaching and research activities, conference arrangements. After that, you will start your teaching.

    In special festivals, such as Children's Day, Christmas, Spring Festival and other festivals, kindergartens will hold big events. At this time, the school will ask the ESL teacher to participate in and arrange some role play games, English speech, and other activities. If you are a new teacher, you don't need to worry about your inexperience, the experienced teachers in school will take you to complete and experience the fun of teaching.

    You will need to work 5 days a week and you will have a weekend off each week.

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