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There are thousands of international schools in China in different cities. Most of them are in first and second-tier cities. International schools are generally private schools. As in Western countries, international school tuition is more expensive, so you need more money to be able to afford it. Students who go to international schools are usually from a more wealthy family.


In China, the salary of international schools is the best of all schools. They provide good western-style housing, medical insurance, round-trip flight allowance, winter and summer vacations. The class sizes are small and they provide teaching assistants. And many of the teaching methods are the same as in Western countries, so it will be easier for you to adapt and implement your teaching. Further, The school has high requirements for teachers. Generally, they will recruit teachers of subject teaching, rather than just teaching English. Including music, art, literature, science, and sports. They will prefer teachers who have either a relevant teaching degree, relevant teaching experience in an international school, or relevant teaching qualifications. But it doesn't mean that you can't get a job there without experience. For example, if you are extremely passionate about teaching and can make a good impression during the interview, they will also consider hiring you.


If you want to make progress in your teaching career, working in an international school will definitely be a good choice. But the workload of international schools is relatively large, there are some extracurricular activities, and if you are the homeroom teacher, you will need to participate in teaching and research meetings.


    • Work time: Full-time, at least20 classes per week, an average of 40 working hours per


    • Language: Native Speaker of English only

    • Job Location: Songshan Lake, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China

    • Students: PK-10thGrade

    • School: International School

    • Starting Date: August 2020


    • 30000-40000 RMB per month before tax

    • Annual flight tickets reimbursement

    • Housing allowance3000RMB for single teacher and5000RMB for married teachers

    • Paid vacation

    • Work visa support

    • 5 paid days leave

    • Medical Insurance 20000RMB outmost per year

    • 3Free meals for working days

    • Free child education (2 kids at most)

    • Annual physical check

    • Free study trip(s)during holidays with chaperoning duties

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