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Location: Shenzhen, Hangzhou

English teaching programs in public schools in China have been implemented for over 10 years. They are usually initiated by the education bureaus in various cities and sends teachers to schools in various districts. Every year, the education bureaus in each city will designate specific companies to dispatch expat teachers to specific public schools, and these dispatch companies will be responsible for the daily assistance and training of the expat teachers. Since the courses taught by expat teachers at a public school aren’t part of its main curriculum, these schools generally do not set strict standards for this type of teaching. This means that as an ESL teacher, you’ll have more flexibility and freedom with classroom teaching. Compared to kindergartens and training centers, public schools are generally “easier” to teach at. Therefore, if you want to have more free time to yourself, public schools would be your first choice. In addition to this, the designated dispatch companies will also provide daily living assistance, airport pickup, help with finding an apartment, setting up a bank account, as well as other activities, etc. Since these dispatch companies also employ hundreds of other expat teachers, so you’ll have ample opportunity to make friends with people from around the world! This aspect helps, especially if you want to be friend more people who can understand English and potentially share some cultural traits with you.

Job Responsibilities:

-Maximum 40 working hours per week, including 20 teaching hours (40-45minutes each


-Classes Monday through Friday

-Weekends off

-Age Group of Students: 7-12 years old



-Contract Length:1 Year

-Competitivesalary: 10,000-13,000RMB per month(pre-tax)

-Housing Subsidy of 3,000RMB per month as well as assistance with finding a place to live

-5,000RMB flight reimbursement paid in the first month or paid up front for the ticket to China (for fresh graduates)

-Winter and Summer holiday (half salary and full housing subsidy)

-Up to a 5,000RMB start-up loan

-Airport pick up (not including HK airport - your assistant will meet you at the border), bank account registration, help with setting up a Chinese SIM card, etc.

-Legal Z work visa support + accident insurance provided

-Contract renewal bonus!


Requirements to Qualify for a Z Work Visa

-Passport holder of UK,USA,Canada,Ireland,Australia,NewZealand,or SouthAfrica

-Related teaching certificate,or 2 years of English teaching experience with reference

 letter provided

-Bachelor’s degree or above-Clean criminal record

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Benefits for Public School Jobs in China

1: Although the salary of public schools is lower than other positions, these positions are considered the easiest and most flexible on the pantheon of school types in China. As long as you plan your teaching appropriately, schools rarely interfere with your non-teaching schedule. In addition, students are in elementary or middle school. Children at this age show more discipline than those in early childhood. They do not require as classroom discipline as younger children do,so teaching them will be a breeze! In Shenzhen and Hangzhou, public schools generally plan out only 6-12 lessons of 45 minutes per class. Though the starting salary at public schools are not relatively high, they do increase steadily with time, so it’s a stable option with clear upward mobility based on time and merit. 


2: The public schools in Shenzhen require one office hour. In addition to teaching and office hours, you only need to spend 1-2 hours on lesson preparation. You can learn Chinese culture, communicate with other teachers and practice Mandarin etc. Fortunately, in the public schools in Hangzhou, they do not require office hours, so you will have a lot of private time to explore the city!


 3: Your life is taken care of throughout the year. If you need to see a doctor or encounter any issues, your company will help you solve it. Therefore, if you are in China for the first year, and are worried about whether you can adapt to the life in China, working in a public school is the best choice.


4: You will have winter and summer vacations. The general contract period is 10 months. From March through December (covering 2 months of summer vacation), they will pay half salary and full housing subsidy for these two months. That means you’ll have two full months to travel! If you start your job in September, the contract period is from September to July, which covers a month of winter vacation. Similarly, they will pay half salary and the full housing subsidy. Many expat teachers choose to work in public schools, because they can easily travel throughout Southeast Asia during the winter and summer vacations.


5: Working in public schools will have a relatively low starting salary, but you will have more time and energy to take on part-time work due to the relatively easy nature of the position. For example, you could be a child’s English tutor or help adults with their business English. These are generally paid by the hour. Expect around 250-300 RMB an hour for this type of part-time work to help supplement your monthly income. For example, if you do an additional 5 hours of part-time tutoring a week plus the public teaching job, you will exceed 20,000 RMB a month!

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