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In China, English is a second language. In the past ten years, Chinese parents have paid more and more attention to improving their children's English level due to the rapidly developing economy and the global market. Therefore, ESL training centers have sprung up in major provinces across China, and the demand for foreign language teachers has also increased significantly. ESL teaching jobs at training center are a great way to start your teaching in China!

Training centers recruit throughout the year. Compared with other positions, training centersproviderelatively high salaries. Except for adult training centers, the majority of students intraining centers are within the age range of 3-12 years old.

In terms of teaching style, the teachers of the training center adopt interactive teaching: encouraging children to speak as much as possible through games, songs, group activities, picture books, stories, etc.

Work Schedule:

Training centers usually require weekend and afternoon/evening hours, as their students take classes here in addition to their normal kindergarten or public school classes. You most likely will have two days off in the middle of the week. Therefore, it is common for a training center teacher to work weekday afternoons (2:00pm-8/9:00pm) and then a regular 8/9:00am-5/6:00pm on weekends.


Class Size and Structure


The class size in training centers are generally small at around 5-12 students per class. Teaching in smaller class sizes is more conducive to both teaching quality and classroom discipline, allowing students to focus more on gaining value from the class. For some children in the lower age brackets, their English is not particularly good. Therefore, in most centers, they will be equipped with a teaching assistant for each ESL class. The function of the teaching assistant is mainly to help children with poor English skills to provide Chinese translation as well as classroom discipline. The teaching assistant can also help with tutoring, supervision of home and communication with parents.


Teaching Materials and Facilities


Because the training centers are for-profit institutions, they attach great importance to the quality of their teaching. Most training centers have their own unique courses and training materials, which means that expat teachers have little to no extra work outside of the classroom. Due to the added support, however, they attach a great deal of importance to the quality of teaching, so they provide teachers ongoing training. This is a good opportunity for newer teachers to learn and adapt to a Chinese teaching environment. Training centers also provide an excellent teaching environment and superior teaching materials, such as smartboards, flash cards, audio and visual tools, as well as open teaching formats, etc.

ESL  Job Board

Salary and Benefits

--15,000-23,000RMB(~$2170-$3330) per month

--Performance-based bonuses

--Accommodation or housing subsidy provided

--Flight subsidy

--Health nsurance

--11 national Chinese public holidays plus 5-10 personal leave days

--Ongoing training and academic support

--Legal “Z” work visa and residence permits provided

--Mandarin Chinese lessons

--Pickup at the airport

--Promotion opportunities

Requirements to Teach at Language Schools in China

--Native English speaker 

--Bachelor’s degree in any subject

--TEFL certificate or 2 years teaching experience

--Between 20 and 60 years old

--Clean background check

--Be able to submit a health report

Do I need experience to teach at training centers?

--- No you don’t! there are a lot of fresh college graduates that chose to come to China to travel and explore every year. Being an English teacher is a perfect way to begin your journey in Asia!

--- As long as you have a bachelor's degree,you can get a job after obtaining a TEFL certificate.

--- In China, many companies care about the attitude of teachers. Experience isn’t an issue (as teachers are provided ongoing training), but a willingness to learn, be flexible and positive are paramount.


Benefits of Working at a Training Ceneter

--No work experience is required to work at training centers. Many training centers provide their own textbooks, which is a good choice for those without teaching experience.

--Small Class Sizes: it’s easy for the teachers to monitor and track and ensure students are actually learning the material properly.

-High salary and low living expenses

-Flexible Hours: You do not need to wake up early, as thework time is from 3:00pm to 8:30pm. This allows you to avoid the rush hour and the traffic jams that come with it.

-They provide a comfortable, high-end teaching environment.

-Performance-based Bonuses for ESL Teachers: As the training center is a business, youwill receive a commission for each new student in your classroom. This means that you can earn a sizable income each month!


A Day Teaching in the Training Center

Training centers usually open at around 2:30pm. Teachers usually prepare lessons and preview them first, then start the first lesson at 5:00pm. The length of the course normally last 30-40 minutes, followed by a 15-minute break, followed by another 30-40 minute lesson. After the first class, the teacher will take a 30 minute to an hour-long break, then there may be some time for planning/arranging other lessons. Work usually ends at around 8:30pm. On weekdays, there are usually only 2 teaching hours or under a day, but Saturdays and Sundays are usually packed for training centers. Teachers will begin classes at 9:00am, take a 1-2 hour break at 11:30 am, and begin teaching again at 2:30pm. Generally, the ESL teacher will get off work around 5:00-6:00pm. Some training centers take outdoors classes (in the park or a supermarket, for example)regularly to help engage the students and make their learning directly applicable to real life situation. The ideal training center ESL teacher will be able to motivate children to learn English through games, music, videos, etc. On certain holidays (Halloween, Christmas, Chinese Spring Festival, etc.), ESL teachers will work with the training centers to carry out some special activities and performances (fun)!

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