Introduction to Shenzhen

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

With the 5th highest population density in the world and 12.5 million people living in the city, Shenzhen has come a long way from being the collection of fishing, farming and market communities adjacent to Hong Kong.

Economics And Transportation

After massive investment, Shenzhen now boasts the highest GDP per capita in the whole of China, and has a thriving stock exchange and art scene, as well as being a major domestic tourist location thanks to the collection of gorgeous beaches, gardens and theme parks.

The city is a wonder to behold, with exquisite architecture that lights up the night sky and dazzles during the day, and navigation is at the height of efficiency due to the convenient, efficient and pristine metro system with trains that run every three minutes until 11pm.

Food And Social Outings

Shenzhen is a city very welcoming to Westerners – with recognisable cafes, restaurants, fast food outlets and supermarkets from back home never being too far away – and nightlife is as vibrant as any major city in the UK or USA. Locations such as Cocopark, Seaworld and Window of the World are the main hubs for social outings, although there are many more districts with bars and restaurants spread through the city.


Those with a flair for the artistic will be extremely satisfied with life here – the city even making the list of UNESCO Creative Cities . Whether your passion is live music, art galleries or museums, all tastes are catered for. Shenzhen is also a haven for golf lovers and is home to a plethora of amazing clubs and courses, some being exclusive to invited guests.

If natural beauty is more your thing, the city is home to a massive amount of wonderful National Parks and Botanical Gardens, and a good hike is easy to plan.


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