Why Teach In China

China is one of the countries with the longest history and the largest population. It is a country with mysterious and exotic cultures, incredibly unique and diverse tourist destinations, and countless foods. As one of the most influential countries in the world, China has made great progress in the past few decades. There are not only economically and technologically developed cities, but also small towns that retain ancient Chinese architectures. You will also feel relaxing living in small cities. You can feel the unique oriental culture and different cuisines in different cities. Living here is also convenient.

For Westerners who are more than just a Chinese tourist, the best way to stay in China and learn about China is to be an English teacher here. With the development of the Chinese economy, Chinese people are paying more and more attention to English education. Therefore, the demand for English teachers here has been very high.

Here are a few reasons that attract you to come to China.

1: China has a negligible influence on the global market, and the cities’ safety index is high.

50 years ago, China was still suffering from starvation, but now it has entered the ranks of the world's most influential nations. Working in China can give you a better idea of China's economy, culture, humanities, and will make you understand more about the Chinese ways of thinking. Chinese people are everywhere in the world. Learning to deal with Chinese people will definitely benefit you in your future work. And working in China will make your resume stands out more in the job market. In addition, teaching in China also gives you the opportunity to learn Mandarin better.

2: There are a lot of job opportunities in China.

No matter what your major is and whether you have work experience, as long as you have an undergraduate certificate, you can find a job in China. In China, English teaching jobs are scattered in different cities. Each cities has it's own features. Beijing is a historic city. Shanghai is an economically developed city. Shenzhen is famous for technology and it's adjacent to Hong Kong. Chengdu is a central city with modern and leisure life. Check out our teaching posts and city living guides for more information.

3: Easy work and flexible working hours

Many people think that being a teacher will be very hard. Being an English teacher in China will make you happy. Most schools in China have their own English courses, you just need to prepare and teach according to their teaching arrangements. So the job is usually easy and you have more opportunities to explore other cities and other countries. In addition, not only the school needs English teachers, but the training centers also have a great demand for English teachers. If you do not want to wake up early in the morning and want to avoid traffic congestion, you can choose to work at a training center, which usually starts at 2 pm.

4: Great pay with low living cost

China's economy is developed, and many schools choose to offer high salaries in order to attract good teachers. Getting a full-time job in China with a salary of $ 2,000-3,000 is easy. Fortunately, the prices here are cheap, so you can save a lot of money every month. If the school also provides meals and accommodation, you will be saving more money. In short, being a teacher in China can make you live a decent and comfortable life.

5: Convenient life and countless foods that you can never imagine.

You will find life here is very convenient. Taxis are everywhere, covering subways and buses throughout the city. In China, people usually don't use cash that often now since mobile payment is more convenient. Everyone uses Ali Pay and WeChat Pay. In addition, there are a lot of world-famous cuisines which is more authentic than western Chinese food. Noodles, hot pots, and cuisines from various provinces will amaze you.

6: Endless travel opportunities

In China, there are many cities worth exploring. There are cities with both modern metropolises and United Nations World Cultural Sites like Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Guilin, etc. At the same time, you can easily go to Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and South Korea, etc.

7: Lots of public holidays and winter/summer holiday

Public holidays a year can add up to about 20-30 days. And the Chinese government likes to combine holidays with weekends to make it longer so you have a lot of opportunities to take vacations. In addition, don't forget that you have 2 long paid vacations including winter and summer vacations!

8: Learn a new language

As China becomes more developed, learning mandarin can give you more job opportunities. Being a teacher in China can give you time to learn Mandarin. In addition, most Chinese people are friendly and they will be happy to help you practice Chinese.

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