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English teaching programs in public schools have been implemented for more than 10 years. It is usually initiated by the Education Bureaus in different cities. Each year, the Education Bureaus in each city will cooperate with designate local human resource dispatch companies and hire foreign teachers. And the dispatch companies will help foreign teachers with teaching training and other living concerns. Public schools usually don't set up KPIs for foreign teachers since their class is not the main curriculum. So compared to kindergartens and training institutions, working in public schools is much easier. If you want to have a more relaxing job, working in public schools is definitely the first choice. At the same time, the designated human resources company will provide life assistance including picking-up, finding accommodation, applying for bank cards, etc. They will also host some parties for foreign teachers since each human resource company will recruit hundreds of foreign teachers. It is easy to meet friends from other countries there.



    Standard working hours are from 8/9 am to 5:30/6 pm, Monday to Friday, with short teaching hours adding up to only 18-20 hours per week. Some schools don’t even require office hours, meaning you only work during your lesson time (usually 40-60 minutes).

    Class Size:

    - Around 40 - 50 students

    - Ages range from 6 to 18 years old


    -Contract length: one year
    -Competitive salary: 13,000 to16,000 RMB per month(before tax)
    -3,000RMB housing allowance per month, apartment rental assistance
    -5000RMB flight reimbursement paid in the first month or paid upfront ticket for fresh graduate
    -One month annual leave (half paid basic salary and full paid housing allowance)
    -Up to 5,000RMB start-up loan
    -Airport pick up (not including HK airport, SDE will meet you at the border)bankcard,
    -Legal Z work visa support, accident insurance provided
    -Contract renew bonus.


    -Passport holder of UK, USA,Canada, Ireland, Australia, NewZealand, SouthAfrica
    -Related teaching certificate, or 2 years of English teaching experience with reference
    Letter provided
    -Young kids teaching experience is required.
    -Bachelors degree or above
    -Clean criminal record, professional, positive and culturally aware


    1: Although the salary of public schools is lower than in other positions, you won't have much work in public schools than in other institutions. Generally speaking, schools rarely interfere with your free time if you can schedule your teaching well. In addition, students are from elementary or junior high school, and they are more self-disciplined, so teaching them will be easier. In Shenzhen and Hangzhou, public schools generally arrange only 6-12 lessons. 45 minutes per class. The salary of public schools is not high since you don't need to teach that much, and you can have more free time.


    2: In the public schools in Shenzhen, they require office hours. In addition to teaching hours, in other office hours, you only need to spend 1-2 hours preparing lessons, and then you can do your own things. You can learn Chinese culture, communicate with other teachers and practice Mandarin and so on. Fortunately, public schools in Hangzhou don't require office hours, so you have a lot of private time to explore the city learn Chinese, and do part-time jobs, etc.


     3: If you need to see a doctor or have a problem in your life, your company will help you solve it. Therefore, if you are in China for the first year and you are worried about whether you can adapt to life in China, working in a public school is the best choice.


    4: You have winter and summer vacations. The general contract period is 10 months. From March to December (covering 2 months of summer vacation). You will get half of your salary during your vacation, and your rent will be fully covered as well. So you have two months to travel! If you start your job in September, the contract period is from September to July, covering a month of winter vacation. Similarly, you will get half of your salary during your vacation, and your rent will be fully covered as well. Many foreign teachers choose to work in public schools because they can travel throughout Southeast Asia during the winter and summer vacations.


    5: Working in public schools will have a relatively low salary, but you have more energy to do part-time work. Such as being a child's private tutor. Generally, a part-time job is calculated by the hour. The payment for an hour is about 250RMB-300RMB. If you do part-time work for 5 hours a week, your total monthly income can easily exceed 20,000RMB.

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